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  Are 99% of drive-buyers ignoring your house...

... or are you ignoring them?



The sign at the street invites (better than a 'for sale' sign)

Get your
Talking House FM Radio Tour
in 48 hours:

Real Estate Agents/Brokers

How real estate agents and brokers use the Talking House FM Radio Tour

   By attaching one of our attention-grabbing yard signs to your own signage, you will invite every drive-by prospect to stop and listen to your professionally-produced, studio-quality Talking House FM Radio Tour. Your listing clients will be excitedly surprised to watch how many people stop in front of their house to listen.  Their neighbors will certainly note your good fortune! That dramatic rise in traffic increases their confidence in you as the listing agent. Now, every car that drives by becomes a potential buyer, and a potential new client, as they stop to hear what you can do for them. Not only will drive-buyers hear the listing, so will their friends and family who are helping them look (and might soon need an agent for themselves).

Agents with Talking Houses attract more listings
  • Get more listings that sell faster
  • Attract more FSBO listings
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Include a 15-second commercial about you
  • Have better qualified prospects
  • Get local publicity
  • Get more phone calls
  • Have more double-sided sales
  • Better time management - it sells while you prospect
  • Get more leads from sellers who want you to broadcast their home
  • More Commissions - More Commissions - More Commissions

     Now you can give yourself the Talking House FM Radio Tour Advantage -- broadcast your client's Real Estate Listing information 24/7 to drive-by prospects. They will be able to listen right on their car's FM radio.

   Your clients will be impressed as they notice numerous prospects stopping in front of their house every day listening to their Talking House FM Radio Tour.

   Why not give yourself this unique, powerful and cost effective advantage? You’ll win more listings and sell more homes faster, which means more commissions. Agents are eligible for significant discounts on volume agreements.

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