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Business Videography via Aerial Copters (“Drones”) for Documentation, Verification, Forensics, Evidence is your on-call aerial and go-to-site videography service company. We are available for same-day flyovers/fly-intos, or just ground-level  videorecording of your property, providing high definition (1080p, 60 fps, 30,000 kbps video) digital files delivered within hours. Specializing in very low altitude video recording – typically 10 to 100 feet – ideal for property verification.

  • We offer the raw HD digital files for use by television and professional media production companies.
  • We also offer medium-production custom digital editing services (like we show here on our website) for your own YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook channels or website, outputting the highest quality their technologies allow. Customizing includes most any text/photo/document/narration you want added onto your footage.
  • We’ll even host your video on our website (on a private channel) so you can share the results with your clients within hours (no extra charge), and without the time-consuming & technical hassle of doing it yourself.
  • (We don’t do weddings or parties, sorry.) 
  • We’re available for hire 7 days a week, from sunrise to sundown. Limitations for flying include rain, snow, and winds in excess of 18 knots

a Ray Gregory creationLook below for some common uses where aerial videography excels. Then email us:  info @

New in 2016- Check out our 360° “immersive” video photography for social media:

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Fly-throughs, not just fly-overs! These are actual videos, not mere “pan and scan” effects.